Early 2006 , I stumbled across a new world SecondLife

I created an in world persona named Nyla Cheeky , she is my avatar.

Quickly realising , the potential and future of Marketing , Public Relations and Brand Building. I dove in learning every pertaining aspect of building a business in this new virtual medium.

Within 1 year I have been acknowledged as a pioneer of real life fashion design and business within Second life.

It has garnered world press for my label as I continue to grow and develop the House of Nyla.

Watch this clip , to understand the potential of Brandbuilding in Second Life.






Within Second Life you will find my virtual boutique , it sits in a far away land on an isle called Starax.

Starax 192 117 25 is my virtual address.

At my boutique you will find virtual versions of my real life designs, displayed in elegant images.

Prior to real life purchase , the vitrtual boutique offers the opportunity to try on a Nyla original.

Clients have the ability to meet with Nyla, virtually offering a closer experience for the domestic or international client.

Swatches of fabric can be easily displayed as well as the creation of a virtual muslin to discuss the design in a very unique and modern way.





"Second Life a new artistic frontier"

Wow.... I am touching the future of design.

Knowing that at this moment I am part of something very special. A new world of Fashion, being born before my eyes.

The thought of giving my work new life in a different dimension intrigues me. Which drives me to be a part of the evolution of fashion in cyber space.

The Opportunities of networking , learning , sharing , growing , communicating are boundless as we grow and develop the metaverse.

I invite you to meet me in this virtual world.